DC COMICS to Re-Release DETECTIVE COMICS #27 As a Facsimile Edition

The publisher is back with the full-on reprints…

DC Comics’ August solicitations are out Friday and one thing jumped out at me that made me all excited inside — the publisher is back in the Facsimile Edition game and Detective Comics #27 is on tap.

Dig the official description, due to be formally released later in the day:


Cover by BOB KANE

$6.99 US | 64 pages
ON SALE 8/23/22

Own a copy of Batman’s first appearance in the pages of Detective Comics with this facsimile version of Detective Comics #27, starring the Dark Knight Detective in “The Case of Chemical Syndicate.” This edition also includes re-creations of the original vintage ads plus the complete backup stories featuring Speed Saunders, Buck Marshall, the Crimson Avenger, Slam Bradley, and more!

A few thoughts:

Marvel made Facsimile Editions de riguer a few years back and DC followed suit with a robust program of its own. Then the pandemic hit, and both companies put on the brakes. Marvel in recent months has begun bringing them back and now DC is back at it. Hopefully, this means more to come.

I believe that this is only the second time we’ve ever gotten a full-on reprint of the complete issue, including ads, etc. The treasury-size Famous 1st Edition version came out in 1974. If there are others, let us know in the comments.

— I do believe this is modern comics size, and not Golden Age size. (2020’s fab Detective Comics #38 Facsimile Edition was also modern size.) I don’t know about you, but I’ll take what I can get. This is keen.

Standard Price Comparison: A slabbed (6.5) copy of the original is currently up for auction and the bidding has already hit $1,050,000. The Facsimile Edition is $6.99.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Suddenly feeling nostalgic about the treasury sized edition reprint of Detective Comics 27 from several decades ago. It cost a dollar, I remember.

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  2. Actually, there are at least two other complete reprints of the comic. In 2016, a Spanish-language edition was released that painstakingly re-lettered every story in the comic into Spanish. The cover retains its original English lettering. (By the way, I suppose it might be argued that this version is not really quite “complete,” because it does not retain the ad pages found on the original’s inside front cover and back cover.) And in 2018, Loot Crate released a complete reprint, ads and all. Since the comic was modern size, Loot Crate had to expand the top and bottom of the cover art. Judging by DC’s just-released promo image, it looks as if they will do the same for this new version.

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  3. My TE while only a $1 long ago bit the dust. I’ll need a few copies of this for the old spinner rack.

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  4. Didn’t the Millennium edition reprint the ads?

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  5. Will this be an actual reprint, or will this use the “redrawn” pages that have been used in some previous reprints?

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