Well, it was fun while it lasted — though maybe there’s hope…

We’ve had a great time covering DC’s Facsimile Editions and Dollar Comics since they debuted in 2019 but it looks like that fun is over, at least for now.

The publisher has announced the cancellation of four Facsimile Editions, 15 Dollar Comics, three $1.99 DC Classics, not to mention several Giants, and a new series about Kate Spencer Manhunter, according to Newsarama and Bleeding Cool.

Here’s the list:

Facsimile Editions

Green Lantern #76
Batman #321
Man-Bat #1
The Flash #135

Dollar Comics

Batman #13 (2013)
Batman #450
Batman #663
Catwoman #1 (2002)
Catwoman #1 (2011)
Checkmate #1 (2006)
Detective Comics #826
Green Lantern #1 (2011)
Dark Nights: Metal #1
Green Lantern #29 (2008)
Manhunter #1 (2004)
Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. #1
Wonder Woman #212
Wonder Woman #14 (2005)
Wonder Woman #206 (1987)

DC Classics

Justice League #50
Saga of the Swamp Thing #21
Legion of Super-Heroes #1 (1989)


Titans Giant #2
Flash Giant #5
Swamp Thing Giant #5
Teen Titans Go!/DC Super Hero Girls Giant #1
Wonder Woman 84 Giant #1

Some thoughts:

— I like to keep things upbeat here at 13th Dimension but I’m not going to pretend that I’m not deeply disappointed, especially with the loss of the Facsimile Editions, which are more fun than a barrel of sea monkeys.

— The Dollar Comics were OK but Marvel’s True Believers line offers a much deeper selection so I’m not quite as let down there — other than the idea that Dollar Comics are a great concept and a great way to get older comics into younger hands.

— The Giants have been a mixed bag all along but, again, I would have preferred to see them stick around.

— Marvel, by the way, has not announced any new Facsimile Editions or dollar True Believers in its latest schedules, so we’ll see what happens over at the House of Ideas, which started the Facsimile Edition and dollar reprint lines to begin with.

— All that said, this is clearly a result of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry. Perhaps when things stabilize — I’m an eternal optimist — we’ll see these re-solicited. But, as they say, only time will tell. And at least George Perez’s Wonder Woman #1 Facsimile Edition is still coming this summer (click here), while the hardcover Superman vs. Wonder Woman treasury-edition facsimile (click here), is still due Dec. 8.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. No one has mentioned (or either noticed), that except for the Wonder Woman 84 Giant #1, the other four giants mentioned have been released to Walmart, and are still in stores at this point–I have the other four right here next to me. So apparently it’s only the direct editions that have been cancelled.

    Still don’t know if there will be a WW84 Walmart edition, though.

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  2. Hell, living overseas in Southeast Asia as I do, access to current comics in print or in digital here is fairly problematic, and the streaming services aren’t available here, either. Fortunately, there are alternatives to spending $3.99 on a current funny book so long as you have friends willing to share. The only nice thing is that…well: Dollar comics! Cool. $3.99 for a funny book is absolutely bonkers crazy.

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  3. I agree the Giants are a mixed bag, but I’ve really enjoyed them, since even the reprints are new to me.

    I picked up the entire run of Man-Bat run (both issues!) during my first foray into comics. (It was the first premier issue I ever owned.) I was somewhat shocked when I pulled out issue #1 years later and recognized Steve Ditko’s artwork on the interior. His distinctive style had become unmistakable to me, but when I first read Man-Bat, I din’t know his work from anyone else’s.

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  4. I worry less about these reprints than I do about various hardcovers and TPs that DC had solicited before and just after Diamond stopping distributing because of the COVID-19 thing.

    And still waiting for them to do a replica or Dollar Comics reprint of GREEN LANTERN #40 (The Secret Origin of the Guardians) which is the entire basis of Crisis on Infinite Earths which followed 20 years later.

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  5. Any news on the facsimile range returning?

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