Custom MEGO Box of the Day #1: ACTION COMICS #500

A TOYHEM! special series kicks off with a daily look at the Mego boxes that might have been…

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As part of TOYHEM!, we’re bringing you a series-within-a-series — the Custom Mego Box of the Day, by 13th Dimension contributor and customizer extraordinaire Anthony Durso. (This follows a similar feature we did a year ago: 13 Great MEGO Boxes That Never Were. Click here.)

Anyway, for 13 straight days, Anthony will show off one of his groovy creations, along with an explanation of his inspiration and his creative approach.

Dig it.


This is a tribute to my love for the much anticipated 500th Anniversary issue of Action Comics. The Superman art by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano is iconic and is right up there with work by the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez as the ultimate version of Superman in my mind. The original cover was famously an infinity cover (also featuring Lois Lane and Supergirl) and I tried to emulate that effect somewhat with the telescoping fading Supermen.

The back cover of exploding Krypton and Kal-El’s rocket is homaged on the box insert. And as a bonus, the Action logo is included as part of the “8 INCH ACTION FIGURE!” copy.

Anthony Durso is the owner of Retropolis Tees (click here) and The Toyroom toy package customizing company (click here), so make sure you check out his nifty wares.



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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