13 Great MEGO Boxes That Never Were

The art of commercial art…

Custom boxes by Anthony Durso

It’s the Christmas season, which means I start obsessing about Megos all over again.

I mean, how could I not? They were the greatest toys of my generation.

Now, as great as it was to be a Mego fan in the ’70s — with the company’s wide selection of figures, vehicles and playsets for its most-beloved 8-inch line — it was also an exercise in frustration: Why no Luthor? Or Flash? Or Doc Ock?

You get my drift: As much as we had, there was plenty we didn’t and this very First World Problem gave rise to legions of customizers — and 21st century manufacturers — who have turned our dreams into plastic reality.

Then there’s Anthony Durso, 13th Dimension contributor extraordinaire, who has put his considerable graphic-design talents to producing some of the coolest toy packages that never were. (Similar to his wonderfully kitschy Retropolis Tees, which we again featured the other day. Click here.)

Custom boxes by Anthony Durso

Anthony, who runs The Toyroom, has produced tons of boxes for a bunch of different lines and you should check out his website (click here) and colorful Facebook page (click here).

There are plenty of repro boxes that Anthony has available. They’re first-rate. (Just look above.) But the mind reels at his creations that imagine what might have been — and which you can actually get your hands on. (Click here.)

Anyway, I’ve done a dive into his galleries and have picked out 13 GREAT MEGO BOXES THAT NEVER WERE.

Some are for figures we got. Some are for figures we’ve gotten over the last several years. Some are for figures that still exist only in our minds. All are colorful and enticing.

Check ’em out — and remember that these just scratch the surface:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Anthony is da man. I’ve long been a fan of his Mego boxes, and now he’s doing awesome T-shirts and articles! You can’t stop him!

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  2. Have to admit those are pretty cool. I dig the Superman vs Spider-Man with the Ross Andru drawn cover with those Neal Adams touch ups on the figures and anatomy make it look so slick. It’s funny I didn’t know that was the case until years later but even as a 10 yr old I instinctively knew it. Made that special event even more special feeling. Man, that would’ve been a cool box.

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    • Wow so much selection with batman ad robin. Very hard to buy from you. To see prices would help me so much to make offers and browse. I am a fair and loyal customer..Please can you show me how to purchase and or convey business trans actions. Hope to hear from you soon. Ruth

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  3. In the words of Futurama’s fry, “Shut up and take my money!”

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  4. these packs are very attractive, it’s normal for kids to want them, I like the one with spiderman

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