June is getting closer, which means Convergence is nearing the end. But we have two more spotlights for you, including this week’s on the Winged Wonder!


We’ve been asking Convergence creators about their favorite stories featuring the characters they’re chronicling during DC‘s two-month event. Convergence: Hawkman #2 comes out 5/20 — and we’ve got writer Jeff Parker picking up the Absorbascon.

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Dan Greenfield: What are your favorite stories starring Hawkman?

Jeff Parker: I forget which one it is — I don’t have all the comics I did from childhood or any of the great Gardner Fox stories I was seeing in reprints or collections — but it was a story where Hawkman and Hawkgirl fought the Manhawks, and I thought they were terrifying. Human faces on animal bodies! It messed with me. Which is why I was so set on having them make an appearance in Part 1.


What are your favorite covers?

Almost any Kubert cover from when he and Gardner Fox did Hawkman for Brave and the Bold is terrific. The later regular series also had excellent ones by Murphy Anderson and then Dick Dillin, but I can stare at the Kubert ones for hours.




What’s the most fun part of working with the characters in Convergence?​

Watching Tim Truman and Alcatena flex their massive art muscles. What an honor to get to work with them. But I guess technically they aren’t “characters”! As for that, I like showing how the husband-and-wife team function together; they’re inspirational.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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