CONVERGENCE EXCLUSIVE: Doc Shaner Picks SHAZAM’s Greatest Hits

Or Captain Marvel, if you prefer. Or even Captain Thunder!

He ain't kiddin'

My lord, is this a pretty cover.


This is the Convergence title I have been the most excited about, bar none. Jeff Parker and Evan “Doc” Shaner are a Big Red Cheese Dream Team and DC should just hand these guys an ongoing.

Anyway, this week, in our latest Convergence spotlight, Shazam! artist Doc Shaner picks his fave Marvel Family covers!

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Dan Greenfield: What are your favorite covers starring Shazam/Captain Marvel?

Doc Shaner: Whiz Comics #22. Not just one of my favorite covers with these two, but maybe one of my favorite images ever:



Whiz Comics #93 and Captain Marvel Adventures #18 are close behind:



Dan: What’s the most fun part of working on Convergence with the Shazam Family?

Doc: I’ve dreamed about working on these characters for a long time now, and never thought I’d get the chance. Just getting to draw Cap, Mary and Junior together, fighting the good fight, it’s been a blast.

Dan here. While I concur with Doc‘s picks, I gotta throw this bit of awesome out there too!


Author: Dan Greenfield

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