Not Beast Boy. Changeling.

One of the coolest merch lines we’ve seen this year has been Icon Heroes’ New Teen Titans line of resin statues, based on the art of George Perez.

Nightwing, Cyborg, Raven and Deathstroke debuted at Toy Fair — click here to check them out — and we even named Nightwing the “Winner” of the show.

Then, in March, Icon Heroes followed up by showing off Starfire. (Click here for more pix.)

Now, it’s Changeling’s turn — complete with monkey form:

For you whippersnappers out there, young Garfield Logan started out as Beast Boy in the ’60s, but by the ’80s the name seemed silly and outdated. Hence, Changeling. Now, thanks to three successful cartoon series, he’s Beast Boy again — probably forevermore.

Anyway, Icon Heroes’ first NTT wave is complete and you can pre-order now. Each of the six 8-9-inch-scale statues will now retail for about $80 and they’re slated to be available early in 2019.

(Each statue also will come with a piece of Titans Tower. Collect all six and you can build your own HQ. No, it’s not to scale. That would be ridiculously huge. It’s about 8 inches tall. Still neat, though.)

My hope is that this line is successful enough that we also get Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Dick Grayson in his Robin duds sometime down the line.


— This Dazzling Statue Brings NIGHTWING to Life. Click here.

– FIRST LOOK: Icon Heroes’ Soaring STARFIRE Statue. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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