CAITY LOTZ on the Stunning Developments on ‘Arrow’! (BIG SPOILERS!)

OK, have you watched the latest ARROW? Holeeeeeee … As promised, here’s CAITY LOTZ with her take on everything that happened!

Earlier this week, Lotz spoke to our Clay N. Ferno (I spoke to Stephen Amell last week) about her thoughts ahead of this week”s “Heir to the Demon.” Now, here’s her take on the aftermath … and Sara’s big smooch with Ollie!

Uh, oh Olicity ‘shippers … Team Sara is in the lead!

Caity Lotz as Canary -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Caity Lotz as Canary — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Clay N. Ferno: This season, fans have been debating who Ollie should be with: Sara, Laurel or Felicity. Now we see Sara and Ollie in a passionate embrace. What effect will that have on all of these relationships going into the second half of the season. How will Felicity and Laurel take this?

Caity Lotz: There’s some fun stuff planned with Felicity’s character. I think it is a bit of a transition for Felicity to have Sara being in Ollie’s life and Ollie having “this girl.” It changes the dynamic between Oliver and Sara because they finally have someone that really understands what they’ve been through together. But there is still a lot of external things that make that difficult.

With Laurel, it is a little messed up — you can only imagine how difficult that would be to see that happen. And I understand how she would be not so happy about it.

At the same time, for Oliver and Sara, they have been denied so much happiness in their life and have given up so much for everyone else. They’ve never really been able to have love. I think for them to get this kind of chance, both characters really do deserve it. Even with all the drama it might bring.

Expect more scenes like this. Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Expect more scenes like this. Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Your own role aside, which of the three do you think Ollie should end up with?

I don’t know, I think Ollie should be gay and be with Diggle. (Laughs) I have no idea.

Sometimes fans can get really into this stuff and blur the lines between roles and reality. Do you expect some kind of blowback on Twitter?

Oh, gosh. I feel like I probably won’t look at Twitter for a week. (Laughs) Everybody has their different characters that they root for. It’s not like it is one or the other.

Each one kind of has their own special place in Oliver’s heart. Neither of them fit in the same spot. I don’t think it is like one kicks the other out of a spot. They all have a piece of Oliver’s heart and it is just in different ways.

Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul and Caity Lotz as Canary -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul and Caity Lotz as Canary — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

A couple more quick ones for you! Will we be seeing you in the third season?

Who knows? I … know nothing!

Going back to the superhero part, with Team Arrow expanding out, and Canary’s new role in Starling City, will she be hanging out in the foundry with them — or be more of a free agent around the city, trying to save people?

I don’t know where it will end up, but I know she will be spending time with them in the foundry. Before, what she was just doing was just beating up dudes in the Glades. That’s not what she really wants to be doing. This is a chance to do something more with the team.

Let the comments commence below!

Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance, Caity Lotz as Canary, Shaker Peleja as the Assassin, and Stephen Amell as the Arrow -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW

Paul Blackthorne as Quentin Lance, Caity Lotz as Canary, Shaker Peleja as the Assassin, and Stephen Amell as the Arrow — Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. sorry I’m still team olicity 😉 I just don’t want to see felicity get hurt in all this. Nothing against caity though, she seems nice 🙂

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  2. I’m all Oliver and Felicity but with what’s going on with Sara and Oliver, esp Sara, I have NO problem with Oliver and Sara being together for now! I mean, WE all know she’s going to be KILLED OFF so that “laural” could be BC, which is a TOTAL mistake..SARA is BC..Lover her as BC and honestly, the two are comforting each other and that’s OK with me and I’m sure it’s OK with MANY other Oliver/Felicity shippers too. WE all LIKE/LOVE SARA/Lotz UNLIKE someone other ‘actress’…

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  3. Team Olicity all the way.

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  4. Ah Olicity fans, you really are the worst thing in this fandom ever.

    Go away this has nothing to do with you.

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  5. Love Sara! And Caity is fabulous in the role. I hope she continues to show off her mad athleticism! I don’t care who Oliver ends up with. I just want Felicity and Sara to have a girls’ night out (there should be alcohol). Oliver’s not invited.

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  6. Sara Lance is the BC! I hope that Caity stays on the show in S3! As for the teams, i am team arrow! The gang together fighting the crime! Hell Yeah!

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  7. Olicity for ever and ever!!!!

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  8. Caity what have you been smoking seriously

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  9. Oliver/Sarah are ok as long as OLICITY will be endgame…

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  10. I don’t see Sara and Oliver lasting as a couple. Trying to recapture their old relationship/ sharing a painful past will not make for a stable.relationship now. I like Sara’s character, and I would love to see Sara and Felicity becoming friends though. Perhaps, she could train Felicity and even be the one to show Oliver how much he cares for Felicity… 🙂

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    • People need to know that green arrow(oliver) is inlove with black canary(sara). So they belong together period. Felicity stays with Barry aka the flash. Live with it people thats the way it is. Learn your history. Read the comics or watch justice league. Sollie forever!

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  11. I LOVE Olicity but I really adore Caity as Sara. Even though it’d be interesting to see Laurel as the black canary I can’t argue with the fact that Caity nails it, she IS the black canary. As far as her and Oliver go, I totally get why they’re together, but I also think it’s a bit of a knife in Laurel’s back, and I don’t see it lasting. Oliver and Felicity are a slow burn, I hope all Olicity shippers get that, and I most certainly hope no one sends anything nasty to Caity. She seems like a sweetheart! LOVE this show, regardless of ships!

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