BURT WARD’s 13 Grooviest Moments as ROBIN

Here are his 13 Grooviest Moments as the Boy Wonder.


UPDATED 7/6/16: This was first published in 2015. It’s Burt Ward’s birthday, so enjoy it again! And click here for more Burt Ward birthday celebration!

I’ve said before that Burt Ward‘s portrayal of Robin is the platonic ideal for the character in any media.

So today, on the ever-youthful sidekick’s 70th birthday — I give you 13 examples of his best, brightest and funniest moments. (Oh, and want more Burt? Of course you do! Check out my interviews with Burt himself and with Lisa Ward, his daughter — whose birth was front-page news!)

Happy birthday, old chum!


1. Jill St. John’s Molly takes over as Robin — and Burt Ward really sells it. Look, nobody is going to confuse Jill St. John and Burt Ward but when Molly disguises herself as Robin in the series debut, I actually do forget that it’s Burt there — except when he hilariously minces away from the camera just after “she” puts on the outfit. Holy gender bending!

2. Dick Grayson, Juvenile Delinquent. Hands down, Burt Ward‘s best scene in the whole series — when he throws on a leather jacket and tries to get in good with Susie the Crooked Head Cheerleader and the Joker‘s gang. (Forgive the ancient TV Land clip … )


3. “Holy almost!” (Listen)

4. Dick Grayson, dancer. Robin go-goes with it as they enter a rock club where “The Twins” are playing while pursuing the Joker in The Zodiac Crimes. It’s not the Batusi, but it swings, baby!

5. This.


6. Robin and Pussycat: The Great Romance That Never Was. After Robin is drugged, he gets grossly handsy with Catwoman‘s sidekick Pussycat (Lesley Gore) — all guttural growls and lascivious leers. It’s an epically funny bit made even funnier by decades of hindsight subtext.

7. “Holy mush!” Twice — but the best time was when Batman escorts Catwoman to the police after their near kiss … (Listen)

8. This.


9. “Catwoman, you are not a nice person!” Robin ever-politely exclaims while dangling over the Feline Fatale‘s pit of hungry tigers in Julie Newmar‘s first appearance on the show — the series’ best episode.

1o. “Holy priceless collection of Etruscan snoods!” (Listen)

Someone is selling these on eBay.

Someone is selling these on eBay.

11. Robin vs. Kato. The video above notwithstanding, you just know that Bruce Lee would have eaten Burt Ward’s lunch if not for the contrived “Mexican standoff.” Sorry, Burt.


12. “Holy one-track Batcomputer mind!” (Listen)

13. This.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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