BURT WARD: Animated BATMAN ’66 Film Will ‘Shock’ Fans

A wide-ranging interview with the once and future Boy Wonder — on The Batcave Podcast!


Greetings, citizens!

I had the pleasure of once again joining John S. Drew on The Batcave Podcast, but this time we had a very special guest along for the ride in our Batmobile: Burt Ward.

Yep, Robin himself joined us for an hourlong special episode that you can listen to here. (You can also get it on iTunes. Or download it here.)

The three of us discussed the new Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, his time on the show in 1966 and his work today with Gentle Giants, his dog-rescue organization and dog-food company, which you can read about here.


One tease? He says that the new Batman ’66 animated flick — in theaters and available for download this week (click here) — is unlike anything you might be expecting. Without spoilers, he said:

“I can tell you right now everyone that’s ever watched our show is going to be back on their heels when they see this because they’re about to get something that they’re not expecting,” he said. “And this is gonna be a real eye-opener, I guarantee you.”

But then he added this tantalizing tidbit:


“This movie turns the whole Batman concept on its head — and that is actually accurate,” he teased. “So, what you’re expecting of Batman and the villains is not gonna be what happens. It’s going to be different. And I think we’re going to have an audience that is gonna be shocked as well as entertained. Because this is ‘Wow.'”

That’s just scratching the surface. To listen to the whole interview — and believe me, you want to — click here or here.

Oh, and want more Burt Ward? How about with Julie Newmar? Click here for even more.



Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I agree, Burt sounds like he’s a teenager again!

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