BATMAN IN THE MULTIVERSE: Upcoming Book Guides You Through 60 Versions of the Dark Knight

Batman: The Multiverse of the Dark Knight: An Illustrated Guide is expected this Halloween…

Just when you think publishers like Insight Editions and DK couldn’t possibly find new angles for their superhero books, along comes a groovy new concept — an illustrated guide to Batman in the Multiverse, featuring more than 60 versions of the Darknight Detective.

The hardcover Batman: The Multiverse of the Dark Knight: An Illustrated Guide is slotted for a Halloween 2023 release. Dig the description from an Amazon listing:


By Matthew K. Manning and Flaviu Pop

Discover the hidden corners of the DC Multiverse in this definitive illustrated guide to the multiple versions of The Dark Knight.

Take a tour through the diverse worlds of the DC Multiverse in this comprehensive guidebook detailing the lives of its many Caped Crusaders. Dive into different dimensions and meet countless variations of the Dark Knight—from the Batman Who Laughs to Flashpoint Batman, from Captain Leatherwing to Bizarro-Batman, this book profiles more than 60 iconic iterations of DC’s legendary Super Hero alongside striking original art. Thrilling and vibrant, this treasury is a must-have collectible for every Batman fan!

EXCLUSIVE BATMAN ARTWORK: Batman: An Illustrated Guide to the Multiverse is filled with spectacular, never-before-seen artwork.

60+ ILLUSTRATIONS: More than 60 stunning illustrations celebrate the unique visual style of each Batman universe.

ENTER THE BATCAVE: Showcasing detailed profiles of characters like Flashpoint Batman, The Batman Who Laughs, and Bizarro-Batman, this book is the definitive guide to DC’s trove of Batman characters.

AN ACCESSIBLE MULTIVERSE GUIDEBOOK: Featuring an in-universe narrative and a fan-favorite guide who takes the reader though every corner of the DC Multiverse.

A SPECTACULAR ADDITION TO YOUR DC LIBRARY: This guide joins Insight Editions’ exciting line of DC titles, including DC: Anatomy of a Metahuman and Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Film, and Beyond.

A few thoughts:

— The 112-page hardcover will be published by Insight Editions. It lists for $34.99 and is due Oct. 31, 2023.

— I’ve grown beyond tired of Flashpoint Batman and the Batman Who Laughs, but they are only two of more than 60 profiles. I’m very much looking forward to see what Batmaven Matthew Manning and his artistic collaborator Flaviu Pop have up their collective sleeve.

— I wanna see the original Earth-Three Owlman, don’t you? And classic Earth-One and Earth-Two Batman. They should count, right?



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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. “I’ve grown beyond tired of Flashpoint Batman and the Batman Who Laughs”

    Here! Here!

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  2. As someone who can’t get enough of ‘40s era JSA, as a fan of the old JLA/JSA summer team up, I hope I never have to hear about another “multiverse” ever again.

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  3. I want to see inside this book before I commit.

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  4. Remember when the DC Multiverse meant Earth-1; Earth-2; Golden Age superheroes, JSA with Power Girl; the Huntress; and All-Star Squadron? Good times.

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