BATMAN ’66 WEEK Podcast #3: The Diabolical Death Traps!

In the third of five BATMAN ’66 WEEK podcasts, John S. Drew and I court danger and check out the best Bat-traps! Plus: Listen to find out our third contest winner!

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Each day this week, John S. Drew of The Batcave Podcast — a show that reviews every Batman ’66 episode and then some — and I are doing a special Bat-podcast on a different topic.

Today? The death traps!

Click here to listen to the show. It’s also on iTunes and Stitcher.

(And in case you missed them: Check out Podcast #1The Bat-Villains! and Podcast #2The Gadgets!)

Plus, during the show, you’ll find out the third winner of last week’s Batman ’66 Contest!


This episode’s prizes? A two-book set!



Author: Dan Greenfield

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