BACK ISSUE Magazine to Highlight Superheroes’ Greatest Love Stories

EXCLUSIVE: Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but romance is still in the air…

Back Issue magazine has another cool theme edition coming up: August’s Issue #123 will be all about superhero romance.

Dig the official description, along with a sweet Dave Gibbons cover:

September 2020 – 84 FULL-COLOR pages

Cuddle up with Back Issue #123, a Superhero Romance issue! The Many Loves of Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, a Star Sapphire history, Bronze Age superhero weddings, a Tom DeFalco/Roger Stern Johnny Storm/Alicia Pro2Pro interview, Elongated Man and Wife, May-December superhero romances, Supergirl’s Secret Marriage, and… the wedding of Aunt May and Doc Ock?? Featuring Mike W. Barr, Cary Bates, Steve Englehart, Bob Layton, Denny O’Neil, and many more creators, under a Green Lantern/Star Sapphire cover by Dave Gibbons. Edited by Michael Eury.

A few thoughts:

— Neat idea. I’m especially eager to read the Bruce Wayne piece, of course, and it’s great to see the Aunt May/Doc Ock “romance” get some, er, love.

— Man, I miss the Elongated Man and Sue Dibny. They got maybe the rawest deal in DC history.

— The issue is due to ship Aug. 12, give or take a week or so. It’ll be at comics shops, as usual, but you can also get it directly through TwoMorrows. (Click here to pre-order.)


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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