An Idea for DC: An Official DARWYN COOKE Print to Help DEFEAT CANCER

This great idea comes from a reader.

Fans around the world have been mourning the death of Darwyn Cooke, one of this generation’s greatest artists and one whose influence will be felt for decades.

We’ve been running tributes for the last few days and Norman Burns, a reader from Perth, Australia, contacted me:

Hi Dan,

Here’s an idea… Maybe DC can do a memorial print with funds going to fight cancer. DC = Defeat Cancer.




If that’s not a magnificent suggestion, I don’t know what is.

So if this idea interests you, feel free to spread the word with the hashtag #DefeatCancer.

One thing: I do wish to note that if this doesn’t happen, DC is not a villain. There are always complicated issues at play that make a pie-in-the-sky idea unfeasible. But you never know, so it’s at least worth raising the idea, since it’s such a good one.

Anyway, here’s just one suggestion for the print:


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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