There are comics homages that just demand to be done and this is one of them. Our pal Bill Morrison is an avowed Jack Kirby devotee and such a Beatles nut that in 2018 he adapted Yellow Submarine into a brilliant graphic novel. (A new edition is out now from Insight Comics.)

Well, it was only a matter of time (and some knee-bruising begging by yours truly) but Bill’s gone and given you the greatest Beatles/Kirby homage cover you could ever ask for:

It was, after all, Ringo’s birthday on Sunday.

Dig the original — 1966’s Fantastic Four #49, by Kirby and Joe Sinnott:

Don’t forget, Gold Key did its own adaptation back in the ’60s. The art was by Jose Delbo and the cover was groovy in its own right:

It’s all in the mind, y’know.

Want more MORRISON MONDAYS? Come back next week! Want a commission? See below!


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Eisner winner Bill Morrison has been working in comics and publishing since 1993 when he co-founded Bongo Entertainment with Matt Groening, Cindy Vance and Steve Vance. At Bongo, and later as Executive Editor of Mad Magazine, he parodied the comics images he loved as a kid every chance he got. Not much has changed.

Bill is on Instagram (@atomicbattery) and Facebook (Bill Morrison/Atomic Battery Studios), and regularly takes commissions and sells published art through 4C Comics.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. My gosh! Gold Key! I remember those giant posters! Only comic I bought that had one was a used “Dark Shadows” I found in the 80s. (All the other used ones didn’t have their posters!)

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