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We are #TeamCap at 13th Dimension’s secret HQ and my son in particular taken with the Star-Spangled Avenger these days. He also has a great eye, so when he asked to rank Cap’s eight film costumes, I readily agreed.

Take it away, kid:


Captain America is one of the coolest superheroes ever seen on the big screen. He’s surpassed Superman as America’s hero, which amazes me, and because of the Marvel movies, Cap has become my favorite superhero. And out of all the Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America has had, by far, the coolest uniforms. Here’s my ranking of all eight

8. The Smithsonian Modification. Toward the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Steve Rogers decides to throw away his SHIELD Stealth Suit as a way of leaving behind any of his connections to the shady agency. He steals his old uniform from the Smithsonian, except it’s been altered. If you look below, you’ll see it’s different from the one he uses in the first movie, and not in a good way. By taking out the straps and World War II equipment, they took away what made his first uniform look so cool.


7. The Avengers Uniform. Tony Stark designed it, so it must be cool. Sorry Tony, you didn’t hit the mark this time. The Avengers was an awesome movie, but Captain America just didn’t look very comfortable fighting the Chitauri. Not to mention his helmet looks kind of silly.


6. The Rescue Mission Outfit. If Captain America were real, this is what he would wear, most likely. Thing is, he isn’t real, and this is not what Cap is meant to look like, so I could only bring myself to rank this one at 6.


5. The Star-Spangled Man. Yes, it looks silly. But let’s remember, Cap started out as a showman and in my opinion, the uniform works on many levels, including it being a live-action version of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon’s original from 1941. I would love to have it as an action figure.


4. The Civil War Uniform. It looks great and I can’t wait to see what it does in Civil War.


3. The SHIELD Stealth Suit. In the opening sequence of The Winter Soldier, Steve is sent on a mission on the Lemurian Star, where we see him wearing this awesome blue-and-white uniform. He kicks all kind of ass.


2. The Age of Ultron Uniform. Tony built this one, too – but this one works. This is the best uniform Steve has worn since he came out of the ice, and my lord, does it look awesome. With its pointy chest plate and mechanism that delivers Cap’s shield back to him, this uniform is one for the ages.


1.The First Avenger . This is the first real uniform he used in the movies and it still remains at the top of the list. With its awesome World War II equipment and Army-grade weaponry, this is easily my favorite Captain America uniform.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. In my opinion, The best Cap America costume is the TFA costume. Followed by TWS and Age of Ultron.

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  2. My favorite is the Age of Ultron outfit for Captain America .

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  3. the civil war suit is my fave

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