FANFAIRENYC 2020: If you’re going to learn, learn from the best…

FanfaireNYC, a comic con for charity, returns to Manhattan’s prestigious Art & Design High School on Feb. 8 and 9 and this year’s headliners are three of the best to ever put pencil or pen to page: Neal Adams, David Mazzucchelli and Klaus Janson — all of whom were central to some of the greatest Batman stories ever told, not to mention other groundbreaking works.

FanfaireNYC has become an annual event at the East Side school and the proceeds go to buying art supplies and technology for students.

“As you may know, the school is part of the NYC public school system and currently has a student body that consists of more than 40 percent of students whose families qualify for government aide,” Josh Adams, Neal’s son and one of the organizers, explained. “It’s hard enough for parents to nurture their child’s dream when they are worrying about putting food on the table and a roof over their heads. This year we have a star-studded lineup including my father, Neal Adams, Klaus Janson, David Mazzucchelli, Chip Kidd, Bob Camp and so many more.”

What’s great is that FanfaireNYC isn’t just about practicing craft, cosplay, selling wares — there’s an Artist’s Alley — and meeting the greats. It’s about education: Adams will be teaching a workshop on using visual reference and a second one on inking. Janson will have a session on breaking into comics. Mazzucchelli will address storytelling in comics and hold porfolio reviews.

And that’s just for starters. Click here for the full schedule of events and guests and click here for ticket info. You can find general info by clicking here, as well.

ADHS has turned out some of the greatest comic talents in history — namely Adams, Carmine Infantino, Dick Giordano, John Romita, Alex Toth, Al Plastino, Chic Stone, Allen Bellman, Joe Orlando, Joe Giella, Ralph Bakshi, Frank Brunner, Joe Jusko, Alan Kupperberg, Mike Carlin, Denys Cowan, Jimmy Palmiotti, Mark Texeira, Jamal Igle and Joe Madureira.

That’s… stunning.

So if you’re in New York on Feb. 8-9, hit up FanfaireNYC. It’s a great way to warm you heart on a cold winter’s day. And learn a thing or two, too boot!

Check out last year’s promo video:


— Neal Adams’ BATMAN VS. RA’S AL GHUL Finale Set for Spring. Click here.

— An Interview with FRANK MILLER and KLAUS JANSON. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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