13 SUPERMAN Covers to Make You Feel Good

For the hell of it, really…

Back in October, I posted a couple of random 13 COVERS selections — one for Batman (click here) and one for Spider-Man (click here). I did it because I’d been back-issue diving at New York Comic Con and a lot of those issues were ones I kept coming across. Pretty much shows you what I was shopping for.

But the point, really, was I just felt like celebrating those comics even though there was no real reason. It wasn’t a birthday or a milestone. It wasn’t connected to a movie or TV show or any of the other typical reasons I post 13 COVERS. No, it was really just because I love comics and felt like shining a spotlight on issues that I don’t usually highlight for whatever reason.

I’ve had it in the back of my mind to do this more often when I get the chance, so here we are.

Now, why Superman this time? No particular reason other than he was the first superhero and if I’m going to do these random selections I wanted to feature him sooner rather than later. That, and I was pretty pleased with how he came off in Justice League. For the first time, Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel resembled the one I know and love.

So here goes. Oh, and why are these all from the Bronze Age? Cuz I feel like it…

Neal Adams pencils, Murphy Anderson inks, Jack Adler photo. This may have been my first Superman comic. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was.

Ross Andru pencils, Dick Giordano inks

Nick Cardy




Bob Oksner




Curt Swan pencils, Anderson inks


Andru and Giordano

Cover images and credits from the super Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Thanks for this great compilation.

    Neal Adams’ cover for Action 419 is the single best comic cover ever created — in my humble opinion — so it is more than appropriate that you listed it first! It succeeds as a cover on every level, including enduring appeal as an iconic evocation of Superman’s ethos, which is both heroic and joyous. Adams has done his own updated version of this image, and it’s great; but in my view the original blending of Adams’ vision and Anderson’s very smooth inking style is just perfect….

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