13 SPIDER-MAN Covers to Make You Feel Good

For the hell of it, really.

The other day I posted 13 Batman covers for no reason other than it was a fun thing to do. (Click here.) I do 13 COVERS salutes routinely but I was inspired in this case because I’d been digging through long boxes at New York Comic Con, looking for this and that, and I wanted to highlight some of the covers I was encountering. Generally, these were covers that don’t get much notice, all things considered.

I’ve been thumbing through the Spider-Man bins too, so I thought I’d do another set of 13 COVERS. Now these are a little bit more memorable than the Batman ones — a few of them especially so — but they give you a good idea of where my head’s at on Spidey. Most of these are by the great John Romita — my favorite Spider-Man artist ever.

Dig it.

John Romita

Romita with Tony Mortellaro


Romita with Mortellaro


Gil Kane pencils, Romita inks



Kane and Romita



Romita, possibly with Mike Esposito inks

Romita. And I bought myself a copy at the show.

All scans and credits courtesy of the Grand Comics Database.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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