13 SUPERB DESIGNS: The JACK KIRBY-Inspired Cosmic Mystery You Have to See

EXCLUSIVE INSIDE LOOK: A-Listers Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt and David Rubin channel the King for their new graphic novel Cosmic Detective…

If Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed Black Hammer is a love letter to comics’ Silver and Golden Ages, then Cosmic Detective — a new graphic novel produced with co-writer Matt Kindt (MIND MGMT) and artist David Rubin (ETHER) — is an off-the-charts homage to the King himself.

Cosmic Detective is a crime story that channels Jack Kirby, David Lynch and Raymond Chandler,” Kindt said. “It’s a story grounded in noir that ultimately becomes absolutely cosmic-bonkers insane.”

The three have been quietly working on the project for two years and their Kickstarter, launched this week, was funded in a mere four hours. As I write this, the creators have already landed twice their $35,000 funding goal, so you can be confident it’s happening. (Click here for more info.)

But, wait, you need to know more, don’t you? OK, how’s this, according to the official description:

In Cosmic Detective, a god is found dead. Foul play is suspected. But who investigates the murder of a god? Not just anyone, that’s for damn sure. Enter our detective. He’s got a wife, a kid, and a seemingly normal day job as a private eye. But for years, he’s been working for a secret underground cabal of shadowy figures, an organization committed to an uneasy alliance with cosmic forces beyond our imagining. The murder of the god threatens to unhinge the gods and tear apart the very fabric of our reality. Only our detective stands in the way of utter destruction. But will the mystery he uncovers be worse than the disaster he’s trying to avert? And will his mind crack under the revelations he’s about to uncover before he can do anything about it?

Feels like Slam Bradley has to solve Highfather’s murder, with maybe a little Doom Patrol thrown in, doesn’t it?

Or something even cooler.

The book itself is a special production, according to the creators: “Cosmic Detective will be presented in an oversized, deluxe format hardcover (8 ¾” x 11 5/8”), offering readers an immersive experience, with full color art and multiple bombastic gatefold pages of art and story that will literally fold out and let you fall into them. This Kickstarter exclusive edition will include features that will not be available anywhere else after the Kickstarter is over — including exclusive art made specifically for this limited edition volume.”

This is what comics do at their best: Envelope you and blow your mind.

In that vein, we have an EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at 13 of the character designs, to give you but a small taste of what to expect.

Dig it.

For more info on the Cosmic Detective Kickstarter, click here.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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