13 SPLASH PAGES: An IRV NOVICK Birthday Celebration

A sure hand who helped refine the greatest of sidekicks…

If you’re a superhero comics reader, the late Irv Novick — who was born 105 years ago April 11, 1916 — is most associated with Batman and the Flash.

But he also was among the artists who helped transform Robin from Boy Wonder to Teen Wonder in the ’70s. George Perez and Marshall Rogers were the best at making Robin’s classic costume look cool on, say, a 19-year-old. But Novick certainly helped set up that look.

So for something a little different, here are 13 SPLASH PAGES saluting Novick — and featuring Robin.

Dig it.

Batman Family #12

Batman #245

Batman #316

Batman #236

Batman Family #6

Batman #231

Batman #256

Batman Family #9

Batman #333

Batman #235

Batman #244

Batman #317

Batman Family #8


— IRV NOVICK’s Greatest BATMAN Page. Click here.

— IRV NOVICK Illustrated Biography In the Works. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Near a fan of the “daughters” storyline, I was always a fav of Irv’s pencils. He was a great talent.

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  2. Good stuff! I thought the Irv Novick/Frank McLaughlin team was perfectly suited for the Flash! For his work on Robin (& Batman), I preferred it when Novick was inked by Dick Giordano. Happy birthday to one of the all-time greats!

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  3. Thanks for shining a spotlight on Mr. Novick’s work. I too loved his Robin…and Batman of course, and he, Don Newton and Jim Aparo were THE Batman artists when I first started getting the comics at a very young age. So seminal for me! I loved it when Robin would come to visit the Batman title on college break, and Novick was there to draw him!

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  4. A footnote albeit a remote chance it’s legend, not fact. Apparently, the higher ups at DC so liked Novick’s work that he either had a deal or editors were required to give him all the work he wanted. This was under Donenfeld and Leibowitz. IIRC, Novick was busy around the earlier part of the 60s doing work for Boy’s Life.

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