13 SPLASH PAGES: A BILL EVERETT Birthday Celebration

And we do mean “splash”…

The late Bill Everett was born 104 years ago on May 18, 1917 — and died far too young at the age of 55 in 1973.

He’s best known for creating the Sub-Mariner and co-creating the modern Daredevil, of course, but for these 13 SPLASH PAGES, we’re highlighting Everett’s pencilling work under water in the Silver and Bronze Ages.

Let’s dive in!

Tales to Astonish #87

Sub-Mariner #57

Also Sub-Mariner #57

Tales to Astonish #94

Sub-Mariner #52

Sub-Mariner #55

Sub-Mariner #51

Tales to Astonish #88

Tales to Astonish #91

Sub-Mariner #58

Tales to Astonish #95

Sub-Mariner #50

Sub-Mariner #61, Everett’s final Namor splash page. He completed the first four pages of the story, according to comics.org. It was published the same month he died — February 1973.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I feel like Bill Everett is remembered only for his Golden Age work, but MAN, his Silver Age stuff is really great! He is really (like Don Heck) one of the underrated architects of the Silver Age of the Marvel universe. AND one of the few (like Kirby) that worked on the same characters in both periods. It’s also notable that he really grew as an artist and writer, with his later work much stronger than his earlier, giving the younger set a run for their money.

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    • A lot of these are Bronze Age so he covered all the best bases!

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