13 SUB-MARINER COVERS Just For the Fun of It

Let’s go swimming!

I’m not sure that I’ve ever written a story about Namor, the Sub-Mariner. Crazy, right?

Part of it’s because he’s only recently been getting some attention again over in X-Men Red. (Click here for an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of the next issue).

Part of it’s because I was an Aquaman kid.

But hey, no time like the present to fix this, right?

So here are 13 COVERS from the Silver and Bronze Ages, pretty much just for fun and because it’s beach weather.

Dig it.

John Buscema pencils, Sol Brodsky inks

Buscema pencils, Dan Adkins inks (Namor image)

John Romita

Sal Buscema

Gil Kane pencils, Bill Everett inks

Buscema pencils, Frank Giacoia inks

Kane and Giacoia

Marie Severin pencils, Johnny Craig inks

Buscema and Giacoia

Buscema pencils, Mike Esposito inks

Kane and Giacoia


OK, not a cover. But I had this black light poster when I was a kid. It was my introduction to the Sub-Mariner. So there you go.

Cover images and credits from the charismatic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Gotta have a Bill Everett cover in this mix, so I recommend Sub-Mariner # 57 as a supplemental choice.

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  2. Marvel Submariner 7 blew my mind when I bought it off a spinner rack. A comic image over a photo was a new thing to see. I now in the collection some of the Fawcett titles done in that fashion. How about a posting of titles using the technique ?

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