Season 1‘s in the books … and SPOILER ALERT!



1. The finale did not live up to the promise of the season. It was basically one big shootout — or a bunch of little shootouts that basically made up one big shootout.



2. Fish: No body = not dead



3. Selina toting an assault weapon didn’t feel right. That’s a rare off-note in a season where she’s been pretty consistently true to character, with one obvious exception. (Historically, Selina‘s averse to killing.)

4. This is what the Penguin should have yelled:


5. The only part of Nygma‘s freak-out that rang true was his criticising himself for being compelled to leave a clue.



6. By definition, the show doesn’t adhere to the rough truths of Bat-canon. But I was still surprised when Maroni got it. I mean, who’s gonna throw the acid in Harvey‘s pretty face? Sal Jr.?

7. On that point, who’s gonna be little Barbara‘s mom if big Barbara‘s a homicidal maniac? I don’t see Lee agreeing to have a baby named “Barbara.”

8. Though she and Gordon are a great couple and one of the best developments of the season.



9. Unless The Flash really blows it down the stretch, I think it’s 1. The Flash, 2. Gotham — and Arrow a very, very distant third. That show has fallen apart.



10. There’s already a lot of talk about the Joker next season but I imagine those questions will not be answered resolutely.

11. It still has to be this kid, though:

H/T pintasfun.tumblr.com

H/T pintasfun.tumblr.com


12. I like the idea of Thomas hiding the secret device in a Marcus Aurelius volume. But would it have been too much to ask for it to have been in a Shakespeare tome? Or at least a Marcus Aurelius bust?



13. So what’s in the Batcave? I hope there’s a piece of film that looks something like this:


Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. As far as future baby Barbara’s namesake, the thought just hit me that Barbara Keane may have been an Easter Egg. I don’t want another Barbara to come into Jim’s life now that he’s doing so well with Lee, so perhaps one them has a relative named Barbara and has not mentioned it so far.

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  2. I think Barbara Keane may have been an Easter Egg as far as Batgirl’s mother or namesake. My prediction now is that another Barbara will make the scene or it’s not been mentioned that Jim or Lee have a relative named Barbara.

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  3. Apologies for the double post. Both of them came back on my end with server failure message.

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