This looks good…

I’ve seen the trailer. Have you seen the trailer? Here’s the trailer:

And here are 13 QUICK THOUGHTS:

1. It’s gotten to the point where hearing Alan Silvestri’s Avengers theme — whether played deliberately like here, stuttered as in Age of Ultron or at its original pace — is getting the same reaction from me as hearing John Williams’ Superman or Star Wars. Not quite, but almost. Give it time.

2. A couple of friends this morning said to me that they didn’t understand how Infinity War could possibly have a story that would do all the characters justice. That it seemed improbable that everything and everyone could be managed into a coherent narrative. My reaction? Marvel has been working toward this for 10 years. Given the studio’s track record — especially the Russo brothers’ — I have full confidence that they know exactly what they’re doing.

3. Which of course — and I can’t avoid it — brings to mind what’s been going on with DC. I’m already on record as liking Justice League despite serious misgivings going in. (Click here for more on that.) Nevertheless, I still don’t have faith that DC has a handle on where to go from here, while Marvel would have to screw up mightily to lose me.

4. And that, I have to say, makes me a little jealous. As a DC kid for decades, I wish I got the same thrill from their movies — even the ones I like — as I do from Marvel’s. In fact, Marvel’s movies have done more to make me a fan of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the crew than its comics have.

5. Often, fans and critics put the difference between Marvel and DC’s films down to fun — that Marvel’s movies are and DC’s aren’t. Well, then Thanos’ narration here provides great meta-commentary: “Fun isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe. But this does put a smile on my face.”

6. Speaking of our purple villain, he looks more thuggish than I expected. For what that’s worth. But it’s great to finally see him full-on in the “flesh.”

7. Does the 59th Street Bridge have some kind of contract to appear in all the movies from the exact same angle? Because at this rate, you’d think it’s more famous than the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course, it does connect Manhattan to Queens…

8. Hey, I liked the way Peter’s Spider-Sense was portrayed. Did we see that in Homecoming? It’s actually perfect — other than showing black, wavy lines shooting from his head.

9. Haven’t we had enough of gigantic space doohickeys hovering over New York (or Metropolis or South Africa or …)]

10. Everybody wants to know why Black Widow is a platinum blonde. I know the answer — she’s now calling herself Silver Sable.

11. “Get this man a shield.” You tell ’em, T’Challa! After all, you do have all that vibranium.

12. OK, so this thing is packed with personalities. So much so that you forget, until the trailer equivalent of a post-credits sequence, that the Guardians are in it too! Sheesh, maybe my friends have a point after all.

13. Nah. This thing is gonna rock.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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