I’m reluctant to even write this because there’s still so little we know. But here goes anyway.


If you’ve missed the news and the names of DC’s new titles and whatnot, read this, then come back.

Now, then:

1. Action Comics #957 and Detective Comics #934. Y’know, I’m kind of agnostic on the whole numbering thing, though this is cute and all. I am glad we got Action Comics #1 and Detective Comics #27 in the New 52, however. That was fun.

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2. This is like the Anti-52. That initiative was all about risks. What was it, three war books? How many occult books? This is all about playing it safe.

3. But safe is comfortable, I suppose. Superheroes are DC’s bread and butter and they’re mine when it comes to comics, so I imagine there will be a lot to like here. (Though, how long will DCDraw the Line at $2.99” this time?)


4. Intriguing Title #1: Super Sons

5. It strikes me that some of these titles will take advantage of the Multiverse as laid out by Grant Morrison. Might Super Sons be Earth-16? Or one of the other Earths? Is it too much to hope for it to take place in the ’70s in a city run by Mayor Haney?

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6. It’s clear by the titles that DC’s focusing on the characters that are front and center on TV and in the movies. Understandable from a business standpoint. But I do wonder whether certain books will be able to withstand double-shipping. Cyborg better have top-line creators behind it, for example.

7. Intriguing Title #2: The Super-Man


8. What about much-ballyhooed recent announcements like Gang of Harleys and Harley’s Little Black Book and all that?

9. People moan about linewide reboots or restarts or rebirths or revamps, but I don’t really have a problem with it. The idea of resetting the table every five years or so kind of makes sense.

10. That said, I really hope we don’t get a bunch of new costumes, etc., with all-new merchandise and all that. Except Superman needs his old costume back. I really do miss that outfit and I’ve never much cared for the new one. Supergirl needs to ditch those New 52 threads, too.

11. Intriguing Title #3: Superwoman


12. I’m glad there’s no third Bat-title like, say, the New 52’s Dark Knight. Those extra books rarely offer anything special unless they take place at a different time or in a different place. Making it Batman twice a month, with Detective once a month is perfect. There’s plenty of Batworld in the other side-character books. Stay this course, DC.


13. Yay, Nightwing’s back! Boo, Grayson’s gone! (So much for these plans.)


Author: Dan Greenfield

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