Batman: Rebirth #1 — by Tom King, Scott Snyder Mikel Janin and June Chung — sets the table for the Darknight Detective in DC’s revamped universe. The issue is out now, with Batman #1 proper — from King and David Finch — due 6/15.

So here are 13 QUICK THOUGHTS ON BATMAN: REBIRTH #1 (and if you’d like to check out a preview, click here) …


1. If the rest of the new Batbooks are anything like this, Gotham is in good hands.

2. I really like Mikel Janin’s art. I just wish he was sticking in Gotham full time.


3. This was a Tom King-Scott Snyder joint but it felt a bit more Snyderish, for what it’s worth. Either way, it was a top-notch issue. Both these guys are such pros.

4. What a great idea to have Calendar Man age with the seasons. Little secret: I’ve had a soft spot for Calendar Man since this issue:


5. Watching him regenerate was disgusting, by the way. So, a tip of the cowl to the creators.

6. Flip side, I don’t think anyone in comics draws sexier beefcake than Mikel Janin.

7. I didn’t remember that Wayne actually lost his fortune but I smiled at Bruce and Lucius’ very meta conversation about the cyclical nature of comics stories.


8. Y’know, I never get tired of Batcave two-page spreads. Every time I find one, I think it’s kind of a cliche but then I always stop and really pore over it. So there you have it.

9. Has anyone seen a name out there yet for Duke Thomas’ new hero identity? I suppose Batlad is right out…


10. So Alfred feeds those bats, huh?

11. Boy, I hope they don’t make us wait too long to sort out this whole Joker “true name” business.

12. It would be very nice if DC Collectibles put a new-outfit Batman action figure into overdrive, wouldn’t it? San Diego is next month so maybe we’ll see a Rebirth action-figure line announced.

13. If the rest of the Rebirth books are anything like this, DC is in good hands.


Author: Dan Greenfield

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