One of comics’ greatest characters by one of comics’ greatest artists…

The late, great Darwyn Cooke — born 59 years ago on Nov. 16, 1962 — was not only one of the finest artists of the Modern Age, he was one of the finest artists in comics history, period.

Unfortunately, given his relatively late entrance into the comics field and his painfully early death at 53, Cooke didn’t leave behind an enormous body of work — just one of the very best.

This year, for example, we’re highlighting Cooke’s Batman: Ego — his surrealistic 2000 character study that’s one of the inspirations behind Matt Reeves’ forthcoming film The Batman. (Ego is even included in a special The Batman boxed set slated for 2022.)

So in the same vein as last year’s 13 SPLASH PAGES from DC: The New Frontier, here are 13 PANELS: THE BATMAN OF DARWYN COOKE, all culled from the graphic novel. Some of the images are full-on splash pages, some are truncated splashes that highlight a given image, while others are straight-up panels.

No matter what, we’re talking some superb Dark Knight imagery by a master of the form.

Dig this:

The original cover, sans lettering


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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