13 COVERS: A DARWYN COOKE Birthday Tribute

Remembering one of comics’ greatest artists…

It still pains me to write about Darwyn Cooke, who was born Nov. 16, 1962, and died far too early at the age of 53 in 2016.

There was so much life in his art and you just wish it could have gone on forever.

But we still have what he left behind: a vibrant legacy that combined the spirit of the Golden, Silver and Bronze Ages with the muscular impact of the Modern Age — especially when it came to DC Comics.

So here are 13 COVERS — culled mostly from DC’s December 2014 Darwyn Cooke Variant Cover Month. (To see the rest of them, click here.)

Absolute New Frontier. A new, expanded edition is due out Nov. 20!


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I still think The New Frontier is quite possibly the best mini in comics history.

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  2. Darwyn Cooke’s version of Wonder Woman is the best I’ve ever seen. It’s a damn shame he never got to do a WW solo series.

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