13 HAUNTING PAGES: Inside the HELLBOY IN HELL Artist’s Edition

A new printing!

IDW doesn’t do this that often, so it’s pretty cool when they do: A new printing of an Artist’s Edition, in this case Mike Mignola’s Hellboy in Hell and Other Stories.

The first edition came out in 2014 but a new one is out 11/8 with a new cover. If you’ve not had a chance to dive into this one, now’s your chance — we’ve got an INSIDE LOOK for you, complete with 13 fantastic pages by one of comics’ modern masters.

The pages below, including the unlettered cover for the new edition, were selected personally by Scott Dunbier, the Artist’s Edition mastermind.

The 200-page hardcover measures 12 x 17 and lists for $150. As the title suggests, it includes all five issues of Hellboy in Hell, plus other stories, as well as various and sundry promo pieces. Here are the tables of contents:

It’s great stuff — so have a look:

Hellboy in Hell #2, Page 21

Hellboy in Hell #5, Page 1

Hellboy: The Corpse, Page 2

The Corpse, Page 3

The Corpse, Page 17

The Corpse, Page 20

The Corpse, Page 21

Hellboy: Seed of Destruction #2 cover

Hellboy first T-shirt design

Unpubbed promo, 1993

From The Comics Buyer’s Guide #I070

AE second edition cover art

The Hellboy in Hell Artist’s Edition, second printing, is out 11/8.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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