13 GROOVY BATGIRL PAGES: A GIL KANE Birthday Celebration

One of comics’ all-time greats was born April 6, 1926…

When I think of the late Gil Kane — who was born 94 years ago — I immediately think of Green Lantern, the Atom and Spider-Man. But Kane, who had a brilliant grasp on anatomy and a certain genius for dynamic layouts and dramatic perspectives, accomplished so much more than that.

For one thing, it seems like Kane churned out every other Marvel cover in the ’70s. He was also a pioneer of the original graphic novel. You name it, he pretty much did it.

He was so prolific in the Silver and Bronze Ages that it’s easy to forget just how many characters he worked on — and one of his best was Batgirl.

Kane, usually paired with inker Murphy Anderson, was the first penciller to chronicle the Dominoed Daredoll’s solo adventures, a run that ran intermittently from 1968’s Detective Comics #384 to 1970’s Detective #407. (Don Heck picked up the pencil after that.)

Thing is, Kane never did a solo Batgirl cover because she was a back-up feature. And the way we usually salute artists on their birthdays is with a 13 COVERS gallery.

So this year, we’re going off script with 13 GROOVY BATGIRL PAGES: A GIL KANE BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION.

Dig it.

Detective #397

Detective #396. Inks by Kane on this page. (And check out that self-portrait on the lower right…)

Detective #388

Detective #385

Detective #389

Detective #388

Detective #389

Detective #389

Detective #400. Vince Colletta inks.

Detective #392

Detective Comics #396

Detective #396

Detective #407. Colletta inks.


— 13 COVERS: A GIL KANE Birthday Celebration — 2019 Edition: GREEN LANTERN. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A GIL KANE Birthday Celebration — 2018 Edition: SPIDER-MAN. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That last page with Vince Colletta inks is an awe-inspiring exhibit of brilliant perspective by Gil buttressed by outstanding finishing touches compliments of Vinnie.

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  2. Kane’s Batman Family art is often overlooked, so kudos for showcasing it on his birthday! Did Babs ever look more gorgeous? I don’t think so!


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  3. These are great. His later work in the 1980s was alway a highlight for me. When I say his work on a cover, or an interior story, I knew it was gonna be superior.

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  4. Thanks for sharing these. Great idea for a birthday tribute to the awesome Gil Kane. I love the Kane-drawn Batgirl back-ups, especially when inked by Murphy Anderson. When I got on eBay and started expanding my collection, and as much as I love Batman, these Batgirl backups were a large reason why these issues of Detective are some of the first issues I bought.

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