The co-creator of the Joker and Robin was born 100 years ago!

The late Jerry Robinson — who co-created the Joker and Robin — was born Jan. 1, 1922. That’s 100 years ago, folks!

This year, we’re centering our birthday celebration on 13 COVERS AND SPLASH PAGES. It’s really a Joker round-up, but there’s one especially groovy Robin illo in there, as well. (Maybe we’ll flip it around next year!)

A quick aside: Credits are a funky thing in the Golden Age — especially where Bob Kane is concerned — but according to the Grand Comics Database, all of the splash pages were (unless otherwise noted) pencilled by Kane, inked by Robinson, with backgrounds inked by George Roussos. (With Kane’s pencils, Robinson’s inks were a particularly heavy lift.) The covers are all Robinson.

So dive into some golden Golden Age Joker! (And Robin!)

Batman #2

Batman #5

Batman #4

Detective #69

Batman #8

Batman #1. Robinson did some pencilling in this story — including the Joker card. Otherwise, he did background inks.

Detective Comics #38. Kane pencils, Robinson inks

Robinson sketch of a Joker card


— 13 SPLASH PAGES: A JERRY ROBINSON Birthday Celebration — 2021 Edition. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A JERRY ROBINSON Birthday Celebration: 2020 Edition. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Happy Birthday Jerry. This is the definitive Joker that should be used today.

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  2. It’s too Jerry Robinson doesn’t get the credit he deserves for Co-Creating Robin and Joker.
    BOO, Hiss to Bob Kane.

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  3. Wow! Memories of reading the creepy Joker story (about the Claridge Diamond) in “The Great Comic Book Heroes” on Christmas Eve, about 1971 or so. My Christmas present!

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