13 Great CAPTAIN ACTION Artists: Joe Jusko

A modern master perfectly suited to a retro project.

Murphy Anderson, Gil Kane (and Dick Giordano), Joe Jusko

For 13 weeks we’re celebrating 13 great comics artists who’ve put their stamp on Captain Action, the kitschy cool superhero supertoy of yesteryear. Click here for installments on other artists like Murphy Anderson and Gil Kane.)

Our first contemporary artist is Joe Jusko, who’s enjoying huge accolades this month for his series of Marvel “corner box” variant covers, like so:

“When Captain Action Enterprises was working with toymaker Round 2 to develop package images, they approached a who’s who of their favorite comic artists,” Ed Catto of Captain Action Enterprises told me. “Joe Jusko stood out for two reasons. As every comic fan knows, one reason was because of his fantastic art skills, but he’s also a Captain Action fan. He told the team an impassioned story about getting a Captain Action figure as a birthday present, and they all just knew he had to be the artist to bring him back to the toy shelves!”

Joe himself weighed in here at 13th Dimension when we announced this series of features: “Captain Action was my favorite toy when I was a kid. I was thrilled when asked to create the box art for the recent rerelease campaign.”

Now dig the art:

Lower left box art

Lower left box art

Left-side box art

Main Dr. Evil box art

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Author: Dan Greenfield

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