13 Far Out DC and Marvel SLURPEE Cups

Cool inside and out.

I recently posted a gallery of 13 of the weirdest superhero Slurpee cups from the ’70s. (Click here.) It was, I’m happy to report, a popular posting.

It caught the eye of buddy Rob Kelly, a 13th Dimension contributor and one of the majors domo of the Fire and Water Podcast Network.

So, guess what! We did a podcast talking about Slurpee cups! Awesome, right?

I’ve been a professional podcast guest for awhile now and I mean it when I say this was one of the best times I’ve ever had on mic. Click here to listen to the latest episode of FW Presents and laugh along with us.

The good thing is I was already planning a follow-up to that first post. But instead of picking another 13 weird cups — which I could have done, believe me — I decided to select 13 of the very best.

So here’s another 13 Slurpee cups for your brain-freezing pleasure. You’ll find the gallery’s dominated by Marvel. That’s because Marvel’s were far superior to DC’s on the whole — and there were a lot more of them.

Just imagine Daniel Day Lewis playing Stan Lee, howling, “I … drink… your… SLURPEE! I drink it up!”

The last Marvel series featured great wraparound art, so a few of these feature multiple angles. Oh, and THAT FOOT.

These were all taken from eBay, by the way. So forgive the varying photo quality.

For The 13 Wackiest DC & Marvel SLURPEE Cups, click here.

For the FW Presents podcast episode on Slurpee cups, click here.



Author: Dan Greenfield

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