13 Fantastic Retro T-Shirts You Want NOW — 2021 Father’s Day Edition

Dig these last-minute pick-ups for Dad (or the Dad-like figure in your life)…

For years now, we’ve gotten a kick out of showing off wares created by our buddy and pal Anthony Durso of The Toyroom.

Lately, we’ve focused on his Mego-style playsets but it’s been awhile since we’ve highlighted the groovy threads he sells at Retropolis Tees — which offers an enormous array of shirts and other items emblazoned with often obscure, mind-blowing pop-culture references and in-jokes.

With Father’s Day around the corner — it’s June 20 — dig these 13 shirts that we’ve never featured before:

Brother Power, the Geek

The ’70s DC Comicmobile


Challengers of the Unknown

From Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp!

Batman ’66 opening credits

A few thoughts:

— I’ve purchased many shirts from Retropolis Tees over the years — no, I don’t get a kickback — and they are the bee’s knees, lemme tell ya. Anthony is a 13th Dimension contributor but I dig showing them off as a public service for the like-minded.

— Basic shirts cost $18.99 but Retropolis offers a lot more. Click here to check out the website. (They also sell products such as phone cases and beach towels.)

— Which of these shirts would I want the most? Probably The Saint. Or maybe CHUMP. Or maybe…


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I’ve got to get the Batman ‘66 one. Thanks for sharing….

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