13 FAB ILLUSTRATIONS: A RON FRENZ Birthday Celebration

A Marvel-ous gallery…

I really dig artists like Ron Frenz, who can draw pretty much any character in a classic, timeless style.

Frenz — who was born 63 years ago on Feb. 1, 1960 — is probably best known for his ’80s/’90s work on Spider-Man, Thor and Superman, big stars all.

So dig these 13 FAB ILLUSTRATIONS — all culled from his colorful Facebook feed. This year it’s all Marvel. Next year — who knows?

Right on.

Hey, how’d the guy on the left sneak in there?


— 13 COVERS: A RON FRENZ Birthday Celebration — 2021 EDITION. Click here.

— Artist RON FRENZ Reminds Fans Why ROBIN Is So Great. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Happy birthday to Ron Frenz. These pinups you’ve shared of him are ABSOLUTELY marvelous.

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  2. Ron is one of my all time favorite artists. He’s still doing great work, too, with the Sitcomics Binge Books (Blue Baron, Heroes Union). I love his art.

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  3. Frenz’s Spidey is one of my favorites: a near perfect synthesis of Ditko and Romita

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  4. Frenz’s run on Spider-Man in the 80s is still one of my favorites. Happy Birthday Ron !

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  5. What a classic style for sure. Makes me miss the old era so much seeing here how fun it was. Happy birthday! Mr. Frenz.

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  6. aw, those two are old pals. i picked up a couple of rob’s electric superman books from the 90s recently and they are awesome. i grew up on ron’s spidey. he is the definitive modern spidey for me.

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