Artist RON FRENZ Reminds Fans Why ROBIN Is So Great

ROBIN WEEK EPILOGUE: Not that we needed reminding…

Welcome to ROBIN WEEK! One of the greatest heroes in comics history debuted 80 years ago this month — and we’re celebrating with a series of features saluting the Boys, Girls and Teens Wonder. For the complete index of features, click here.

Well, ROBIN WEEK has been a real blast — and judging by the response, it seems like you guys dug it too.

Far out!

Anyway, we began with a prologue — an INSIDE LOOK at the Detective Comics #38 Facsimile Edition (click here) — so we’ll end with a sweet little epilogue: a Ron Frenz Robin sketch that captures everything there is to love about the Boy Wonder:

Frenz posted this on Facebook recently and he was cool with us showing it off here. What I also love is what he had to say about it:

“Rockin’ Robin!” he wrote in his post. “I maintain that as a kid brother in the late sixties my connection and bond with the Boy Wonder was all but guaranteed by the pecking order of outdoor play and reinforced by the gleefully go-for-broke portrayal by Mr. Burt Ward twice a week on the always-caring cathode ray tube! Enjoy! (I know I did!)”

The image struck such a chord that illustrator Andrew Harmon felt compelled to ink and color it:

Harmon noted on Twitter: “So much to do today but I saw it and just HAD to try my hand at inking and coloring it. I hope you all like it, especially Ron Frenz, a true comics icon.”

Lovely. Just lovely.


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Most definitely captures what is great about the Boy Wonder. Much like Prez captures the Teen Wonder’s definitive look.

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