13 COVERS to Salute the Beauty of America

It’s July 4th and things are not exactly perfect…

I’m not sugarcoating this. It is a rough time in American history. We are seeing a nation as disunited as at any time since the Civil War.

America needs to heal if we are to survive. And in a small but often profound way, symbols that highlight the best of us can show us the path.

So here are 13 COVERS featuring not just Steve Rogers, but Sam Wilson, America Chavez and other Marvel mainstays who have proudly worn the stars and stripes to help lead us to a better future.

So, celebrate what America is meant to be. Let the moral compass of modern American myths remind you of the direction in which we should be going.

Happy Fourth. America needs your support. Stay strong and stay safe.

And vote this November.

Chris Sprouse pencils, Karl Story inks

Marie Severin pencils, with either Severin or Frank Giacoia inks

Stuart Immonen pencils, Wade Von Grawbadger inks.

Paul Renaud

Gil Kane pencils, Joe Sinnott inks

Ken Bald

Joe Quinones

John Romita

Daniel Acuna

John Cassaday

Kyle Baker


Alex Ross



— How CAPTAIN AMERICA Surpassed SUPERMAN as Our Greatest Hero. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Really? Not a single Kirby cover? The man who co-created Captain America is not represented, but Misty Knight just holding the shield is? Wow.

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    • We have paid homage to Kirby many, many times in many, many ways. This is his legacy. He does not need to be represented in every single Captain America feature we do, even on July 4. That was actually the point of using Alex Ross’ version of Cap #1. To pay tribute.

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  2. No Cap #1 following 9/11? RUKM?

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  3. Thank you Philip for reminding everyone that today is really called Independence Day, as the 4th of July is essentially just another day on the calendar. And thank you Dan for the great covers to help us remember what
    the country can be.

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  4. Great selection, Dan! And great words.

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  5. That Cap 215 with that Gil Kane cover. Great! I love how Kane drew the pirate boots with the big cuffs. I remember John Byrne saying on his Cap run that he consciously drew the cuffs smaller because he didn’t like them. I always thought they were cool and it’s something about the movie version I missed. I don’t care what they say, I think it could have been done effectively.

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  6. Great covers, but many good ones left out, like # 445.

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