A BIRTHDAY SALUTE to the definitive Superman artist, who was born 103 years ago…


Since the late, great Curt Swan’s birthday (Feb. 17, 1920) is an annual celebration here at 13th Dimension, why not make this year an “Annual” celebration?

Enjoy these 13 COVERS (and images) from Annuals and special issues:

Superman Annual #9 (1983). Interior splash page.

Summer 1960. Stan Kaye inks.

Winter 1960. Kaye inks.

Summer 1961. Kaye inks.

Winter 1961. George Klein inks.

Summer 1962. Klein inks.

Winter 1962. Klein inks.

Superman Annual #6 (Winter 1962). Back-cover inks by Klein.

Summer 1963. Inker unidentified.

June 1968. Art by Swan and Neal Adams.

Superman #245 back cover (Dec. 1971-Jan. 1972). Murphy Anderson inks.

May-June 1968. Neal Adams inks.

June 2018


— 13 COVERS: A CURT SWAN Birthday Celebration — 2022 EDITION. Click here.

— PAUL KUPPERBERG: My 13 Favorite CURT SWAN Stories. Click here.

PETER BOSCH’s first book, American TV Comic Books: 1940s-1980s – From the Small Screen to the Printed Pagehas just been published by TwoMorrows. He has written articles and conducted celebrity interviews for various magazines and newspapers. Peter lives in Hollywood.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Despite being THE Superman artist for several generations, I still feel Curt Swan is underrated. Thanks for shining the spotlight on this master of the form.

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    • That’s how I remember Superman! The REAL Superman!

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  2. I met Curt Swan once in Toronto in 1986 and in Cleveland, Ohio!

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    • I met him in Cleveland, too, at the 1988 International Superman Exposition.

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  3. Thank you for sharing. Swanderson art has always been my Superman!

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  4. Is it me or does Goofy Superman resemble Alfred E. Neuman?

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    • You are right on there.

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  5. Would love to have a hardcover collection of Superman Annuals in the same way DC did the two-Volume collection of Batman Annuals several years ago.

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