13 COVERS: Marvel’s Groovy Classic Paperbacks

Yet even more time on your hands? These’ll keep you busy…

Marvel on Friday announced that it will resume shipping comics by the end of May. You can click here for the details.

But this is still several weeks down the road. So if you’re looking for some good ol’ fashioned Marvel books to eat up your time, there’s always the Silver and Bronze Age mass-market paperbacks — both novels and comics collections.

What did they have in common? Great art on the front!

Dig these 13 COVERS:

Bob Larkin

Robert McGinnis


Joe Sinnott


Dave Cockrum

Mitchell Hooks

Gil Kane pencils, Joe Sinnott inks, John Romita alterations.

Earl Norem






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Credits from the Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. The older of the two Cap’s books has a really odd take on his origin if I remember clearly. The Cap and other more modern ones from the ‘70s were great reads. They are right up there with the two Superman novels of the late ‘70s (released after the movie). The Superman ones you can still get a modern printing of off Amazon. Would be nice to see these Marvels redone.

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  2. Great selection of covers. I picked up a lot of these as a kid.

    I’m not normally that great a fan of painted covers if it makes the heroes look “too realistic.” However, that Mayhem in Manhattan cover is one of my favorite Spider-Man images ever. I wish Marvel would release it as a poster.

    That Hulk cover on Stalker from the Stars is great too. I also liked the Larkin cover for the Hulk book, Cry of the Beast.

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  3. I still love the Bronze Age novels. I have a full set as well as Otto Binder’s Avengers novel. But the mass market paper back collections of the comics were very cool too. Still have about a half dozen of those. They were great for sneaking into class to read.

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  4. Joseph Silva, author of the Captain America Holocaust For Hire novel, is Ron Goulart.

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  5. It’s bizarre to see big-time illustrators of their day like Hooks take on Captain America and McGinnis on Cap’s kooky quartet (plus one). Norem did a lot of mens’ adventure magazine work and I really like the detail on that Avengers cover.

    Heck, they’re ALL cool!!

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