13 MARVEL ANNUAL COVERS to Make You Feel Good

Got even more time on your hands?

Last week, we showed off 13 GIANT-SIZE MARVEL COVERS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD (click here) and 13 DC GIANT COVERS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD (click here).

Why? Because a lot of readers have a lot extra time these days and these old giants were packed with extra entertainment.

So, let’s keep it going with 13 MARVEL ANNUAL COVERS TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD. Because some of these King-Size babies were worth hours of fantasy and escapism.

Dig it.

Al Milgrom pencils, Joe Sinnott inks

John Romita

John Byrne

Ron Wilson pencils, John Beatty inks

Marie Severin pencils, Romita inks

Jerry Bingham pencils, Brett Breeding inks

Alex Schomburg

Jack Kirby pencils, Vince Colletta inks

Al Milgrom

Gil Kane pencils, Klaus Janson inks

Dave Cockrum

Gil Kane

John Buscema pencils, Frank Giacoia inks


13 GIANT-SIZE MARVEL COVERS to Make You Feel Good. Click here.

13 DC GIANT COVERS to Make You Feel Good. Click here.

Most cover images and credits from the Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Amazing Spiderman annual #1 with the multicolor lettering is my favorite.

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  2. Love seeing these, but man, that Thor logo on that annual is hideous! Looks like it should be used on a rack toy package for a super ball or something! Marvel really did some crazy stuff on their covers in the 70s, often despite the wonderful art.

    I need that Captain America Annual in particular! Oh, to get back to the back issue bins at my LCS…


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  3. Buscema’s Avengers cover recreating issue 4 of the Avengers is superb!

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