13 COVERS: DC’s Groovy Classic Paperbacks

Still yet even more time on your hands? These’ll keep you busy…

Earlier this month, we showed off 13 of Marvel’s groovy classic paperbacks (click here) — part of our never-ending quest to remind you of time-consuming classic collections of comics (or novels or Which Way books ) that could help you stave off boredom, or at least take you to your happy place.

Well, now it’s DC’s turn. Gotta say, Marvel offered a wider array of characters but these 13 COVERS are nifty all the same.

I loved, loved, LOVED this book as a kid!


— 13 COVERS: Marvel’s Groovy Classic Paperbacks. Click here.

13 DC GIANT COVERS to Make You Feel Good. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. There was also a novelization of the ’66 Batman movie. The photo cover had Batman holding the bomb that somedays you just can’t get rid of over his head.

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  2. When I found those two Signet Batman novels 1 and 4 at a local garage sale as a kid, it was like winning the lottery. Man, it was so cool to stumble onto something like that from just before my time. Same goes for those Peanuts paperbacks, as well as the collected Mad’s and anything with Beetle Bailey in it.

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