Crisis on Earth-X hits this week!

Huge credit to the CW’s DC Comics TV line-up. They really love digging into comics history nitty-gritty and this week has fans in a frenzy: Crisis on Earth-X, a two-night, four series extravaganza that can reasonably be called an event, airs Monday and Tuesday nights (check local listings). In a nutshell, our heroes from The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow (which I still think is a silly name) do battle with the fascist villains of Earth-X.

You know Earth-X: In DC lore, it’s the one where Hitler’s troops won World War II and the Freedom Fighters, including Uncle Sam, the Ray, Phantom Lady and several others, fight the good fight. DC had picked up the characters off the Quality Comics scrap heap and Len Wein and Dick Dillin introduced them into the DC Multiverse in 1973’s annual Earth-One/Earth-Two Justice League/Justice Society team-up.

Obviously the stories and characters will be quite different, but the gist is the same: We’ll get to see good guys punch Nazis.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

How great is this promo image by Phil Jimenez?

So here are 13 COVERS highlighting not just the original Crisis on Earth-X crossover, but other fave inter-Earth Crises of the past.

(NOTE: I’ve left out some of my favorite covers. That’s because I highlighted a bunch here and here before the Justice League movie came out and didn’t want to repeat myself too much. Dig ’em!)

Nick Cardy


Mike Sekowsky pencils, Murphy Anderson inks

Sekowsky and Anderson

Sekowsky and Anderson. Bernard Sachs inked the floating heads.

George Perez

Ernie Chan pencils, Frank Giacoia inks

George Perez pencils, Dick Giordano inks

Sekowsky pencils, Joe Giella inks



Perez pencils, Mike DeCarlo inks

Carmine Infantino pencils, Anderson inks

Cover images and credits from the infinite Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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