13 COVERS: An ED HANNIGAN Birthday Celebration

One of the Bronze Age’s sharpest cover artists was born 72 years ago…

The Bronze Age was rife with great cover artists, from Neal Adams to Gil Kane, to Nick Cardy to John Romita.

But while he may not have the portfolio of those titans, Ed Hannigan — born 72 years ago on Aug. 6, 1951 — had superb chops and gave us some of the grooviest covers of the era.

This year’s 13 COVERS salute is all about Marvel Team-Up — but since he only did 11 of those, we’ve augmented the gallery with two team-up covers from Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man.

Far out!

John Byrne inks

Al Milgrom inks

Milgrom inks

Mike Esposito inks

John Beatty inks

Klaus Janson inks

John Romita inks

Milgrom inks

Milgrom inks

Bob Wiacek inks

Milgrom inks

Milgrom inks

Milgrom inks


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Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Wishing the late Mr. Hannigan a very happy birthday.

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  2. Happy birthday Mr Hannigan ! Great artist. Lover his work.

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