13 COVERS: A WALT SIMONSON Birthday Salute

One of comics’ greatest practitioners turns 72…

We’ve run a number of 13 COVERS salutes to Walt Simonson the last few years but it’s occurred to me that we’ve only focused on his Marvel years. So this year, for his 72nd birthday — he was born Sept. 2, 1946 — we’re taking a look at some of his best DC covers, namely his work on Jack Kirby’s Fourth World characters (including one wild card).

Check it out:

Terry Austin inks


— WALTER SIMONSON’s Tribute to JACK KIRBY. Click here.

All credits and scans courtesy of the bombastic Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Happy birthday to Walt Simonson. Currently I’m reading his “X-Men/Teen Titans” epic on ReadComicOnline.

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