13 COVERS: A TERRY AUSTIN Birthday Celebration

One of comics’ greatest inkers turns 67…

This is kind of how I see a comic book creative team: The writer is the singer, the penciller is the lead guitarist and the inker is the bassist.

Simplistic, sure. But my point is the inker and the bassist rarely get the recognition they deserve, even though in each case they can make the good great and the great transcendent. (And heaven help you if you have a lousy bassist or inker.)

Anyway, this brings me to Terry Austin, who is one of comics’ all-time greatest inkers and whose contributions are — because this is the way of things — unfortunately overshadowed by those of his best-known collaborators, such as John Byrne and Marshall Rogers.

So today we put the spotlight on Austin — who was born Aug. 23, 1952 — with a 13 COVERS birthday salute to an artist who absolutely rocks:

John Byrne pencils

Marshall Rogers pencils

Kevin Maguire pencils

Dave Cockrum pencils

Rogers pencils

Byrne pencils

Maguire pencils

Rogers pencils

Byrne pencils

Rogers pencils

Byrne pencils

Rogers pencils

Byrne pencils


— A Story of TERRY AUSTIN’s Generosity. Click here.

— An INSIDE LOOK at ENGLEHART, ROGERS and AUSTIN’s Unfinished BATMAN Trilogy. Click here.

Cover images and credits from the precise Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. That great X-Men #137 cover art is nearly ruined by that stupid yellow ad. It always annoys me every time I look at my copy

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