13 COVERS: A Salute to Murphy Anderson’s HAWKMAN

We love Murphy Anderson.

I’ve had Hawkman on the brain of late, mainly because DC right now is laying the groundwork — with the substantial assistance of writers Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire — for a big, splashy return to the limelight. (Click here for some teases and educated speculation on what’s to come.)

Anyway, the other day, I posted a piece called Why Hawkman Matters, featuring an essay by noted Hawkmanologist Tim Board. (Click here.) Now, Tim helped illustrate the piece by selecting 13 of his favorite Hawkman covers.

Funny thing is, Tim left out Murphy Anderson, one of the two pre-eminent Hawkman artists of the Silver Age, along with Joe Kubert. Turns out, Tim likes Anderson but he’s just not a favorite.

That’s cool. Different strokes, y’know? I suppose as editor of this here site, I could have gently suggested he include a cover by Anderson but it would have been artificial. I asked Tim to pick 13 covers and he did. All good.

But personally, I’m a big Anderson Hawkman fan, so I decided to post this 13 COVERS tribute. (A move seconded by reader and occasional 13th Dimension contributor Ed Catto.)

So here we go, Hawkfans, in no particular order:


Cover images and credits from the soaring Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Murphy Anderson is one of the greats, no doubt! My favorite Murphy Anderson cover for Hawkman is Mystery in Space No. 87 (November 1963)!

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  2. Than you for giving Murphy his due on Hawkman, I think a case might be made for his two Hawkman-Mystery in Space covers #87 and 89.

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  3. These cover selections are terrific. How about Dick Sprang, the first “GOOD Batman artist”? A baker’s dozen is very easily found.

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