13 COVERS: A ROSS ANDRU Birthday Celebration

The late artist was born 93 years ago…

Y’know, it’s not really that easy to do a Superman team-up book where it’s plausible that the Man of Steel would need an assist. And it’s even tougher to create a cover image that really sells the idea.

But that was the charm of DC Comics Presents — and among the Bronze Age title’s best cover artists was the late Ross Andru, who was born 93 years ago on June 15, 1927.

So dig this year’s 13 COVERS birthday salute, spotlighting Andru on DCCP — with inks by Dick Giordano.

Right on.



— 13 COVERS: A ROSS ANDRU Birthday Celebration: 2019 Edition — THE FLASH. Click here.

— 13 COVERS: A ROSS ANDRU Birthday Celebration: 2018 Edition — SPIDER-MAN. Click here.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. Nice that Andru is still remembered. Actually getting a little more credit these days.

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  2. Dick Giordano was a great artist on his own, but teamed up with the great Ross Andru or Jim Aparo make for some great team up artistry.

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