13 COVERS: A RICH BUCKLER Birthday Celebration

The Bronze Age stalwart would have been 70…

Rich Buckler was a fan-fave during the Bronze Age, for both Marvel and DC (let alone other select publishers). Last year on his birthday — he was born Feb. 6, 1949 — we focused on one of his best-known books for the House of Ideas: Fantastic Four.

This year? Justice League of America.

Because fair’s fair.

Frank McLaughlin inks

Mike DeCarlo inks

Jack Abel inks

Abel inks

Abel inks

Frank Springer inks

Abel inks

Dick Giordano inks

Giordano inks

Frank Giacoia inks

Giordano inks

Giacoia inks

McLaughlin inks


13 COVERS: A RICH BUCKLER Birthday Celebration — 2018 Edition


Most cover images and credits from the deft Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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