The Bronze Age stalwart has died at the age of 68.

The news came down yesterday that Rich Buckler, co-creator of Deathlok and prolific Bronze Age artist, had died.

Everyone seems to have their favorite Buckler work and mine’s easy to pick: DC Comics Presents #33 and #34, a Superman/Captain Marvel team-up written by Gerry Conway and Roy Thomas. It’s a wonderfully entertaining 2-parter and to this day, when I think of non-C.C. Beck Captain Marvel, I think of Buckler’s handsome version, with his pug nose, thick eyebrows and wavy hair. (It’s a bonus that he drew the team-up in the All New Collectors’ Edition treasury, too.)

For others, Deathlok (whom he created with Doug Moench), All-Star Squadron or Fantastic Four top the list. That’s not to mention the dozens of other titles and characters he worked on.

So here’s our 13 COVERS tribute. It’s highly subjective, with my own favorites stocking the list. Feel free to add yours in the comments below or in whichever social-media thread you found this.

Dick Giordano inks

Klaus Janson inks

Giordano inks

Joe Sinnott inks

Vince Colletta inks

Frank Giacoia inks

Giacoia inks

Jack Abel inks

Sinnott inks

Romeo Tanghal inks

Colletta inks

Giordano inks

Cover images and credits from the slick Grand Comics Database.

Author: Dan Greenfield

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  1. I always liked Buckler’s anatomy and eye.

    He seemed to be able to adapt his style to the book or character he was doing. He could do Buscema. He could do Kirby. I’ve thought of him as kind of the Rich Little of comics. Which is a talent unto itself. He had his own style but like a well rounded musician who could do different styes, he really did the feel of different books well.

    I saw him at a Dallas Con in the early 2000’s. He signed an Astonishing Tales Deathlok for me. Wouldn’t accept any payment for it. In fact, refused it when everyone all around him at every other signing booth was charging. I tried several times. I felt he was worth my time. Nice, humble guy.

    I also spoke to him about Deathlok. I told him seeing Robocop in the theaters years ago – – I screamed in my mind, “This is Deathlok! Can’t anybody see that?!” I asked him about that. He was also very humble and pragmatic about it.

    Sad to hear he’s gone. Didn’t know he was sick.

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  2. One of my all-time favorite covers by Rich Buckler was Astonishing Tales #36.

    Agreed with Andy Patterson that Deathlok was such an incredibly groundbreaking series. You can definitely see its influence in Escape From New York, Robocop and The Matrix.

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  3. Thanks Dan ! The .Captain Marvel/Superman titles were very good. A good fit for that era.

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  4. I like this tribute to the late Mr. Buckler very much. I happened to read that “Superman/Shazam” crossover story online about a couple years back.

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